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  With summer fast approaching, G&G would like to offer you some helpful information regarding your car's air conditioning system. Picture this: you and your family hit the road for a long-awaited summer vacation -- a road trip to paradise on the sandy white beaches of Florida. It's perfect driving weather outside -- only sunny, clear skies are ahead. You begin to notice, however, a warm, humid stream of air coming from your car's air conditioning system. You panic, only for a second, when you realize your wife accidentally switched the air conditioner to outside air. You let out a deep sigh, switch it back to circulation, and thank G & G Auto Service for reminding you to have your car's air conditioning system serviced regularly.

  Having your air conditioner serviced means G & G Auto Service will look at six major components that make up an air conditioning system. These components are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve, and the refrigerant itself. Each component has a specific job function that, if not properly working, can cause your air conditioning system to either blow out hot air, or can sometimes cause the air to be too cold. When G & G services your car's air conditioning system, we are able to determine which component isn't working in conjuction with the others. This can not only save you from a disastrous vacation without cool air, but can also save your wallet, as it is often less costly to repair a problem that is discovered during servicing rather than one that degenerates into a much more costly repair later on.

  To ensure your air conditioning is working properly and safely this spring, contact us to set up an appointment for servicing today.